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by Sarah Fay Campbell Oct. 01, 2016 As summer melts away, one traditional feature was absent this year, nighttime mosquito fogging truck trips noisily sputtering up and down Newnan streets. The city of Newnan has been spraying for mosquitoes for many years. Exactly how many years seems to be lost in the mists of […]

via City quietly ends mosquito fogging program — nospraynewnan

Happy Anniversary to Us

John & Jenni (2)

So…here we are 40 years ago today.

I intended to scan more family snapshots of the wedding day…but for some reason Uncle John in his leisure suit keeps scanning in green…just green.

So I asked the guy above what he thought…he deals with computer problems every day so he just groaned & at this moment in time is worrying about the national election due to the Brexit vote & the Trump candidacy & is in the middle of cleaning the bathtub.

So I will be satisfied with this picture…and be happy for the fact that we have supported each other this far in our own awkward ways…and will continue to do so for as long as we’ve got.

40 years is really just a number…it’s the day in and day out that matters.

Later we’ll have beer & brats & try to find a good movie to watch on TCM with cats on our laps.

Earth Day 2016


On this Earth Day 2016…the goldfinches are nesting and will be hungry.  They love dandelion seeds.  Put your feet up and enjoy the show.  You will be doing biodiversity and the future of life on earth a huge favor.

…..someone should mention here that the chemically drenched monoculture turf lawn is so yesterday… I will.


Pass it on.

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