1. So beautiful, Jenni! I’ve never heard of Lenten Roses – is that a Georgia specialty? – Also, what a coincidence – it reminds me of a song I learned in Manitou Singers (in 1973!) – (the brain is a very strange thing – don’t ask me what I had for lunch yesterday, but I remember every word of this song…):

    “The bee crawls into the heart of the poppy, touching a secret thing – and you are the bee. In a place secret beneath the trees, I tremble on a bed of leaves – and marvel that I am me.

    Listen: in everything there is love’s laughter! Why can’t the world be still – and listen?”

    ‘Hope all’s well with you and John.


    On Sat, Feb 27, 2016 at 2:48 PM, Being Elsewhere wrote:

    > BeingElsewhere posted: “” >

    • Jane,

      I knew of this song from the Agape Singers in 1969. All I remember is the words you’ve quoted so far. Can you provide me with the rest of them? I’d appreciate it.


      Sam Fritschner

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