Why Rachel Carson still matters


Silent Springher favorite picture of herself colorized

Rachel Carson’s birthday was last week…

….and so…it has been 43  years…since she laid aside the book she longed to write…that would have capped her lifelong career as a biologist and nature writer with a special love for the  sea…

…to take up instead the book she HAD to write…in response to the devastating damage she was witnessing around her…due to the overuse of pesticides.

That book was SILENT SPRING…published in 1962.

In it Rachel Carson writes:

“By there very nature chemical controls are self-defeating, for they have been devised and applied without taking into account the complex biological systems against which they have been blindly hurled.”

“The chemicals may have been pretested against a few individual species, but not against living communities.”

Today DDT has been banned…but we continue as a species to act in ways that threaten the rest of life.  Reading about nature…once a joyful thing for…

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