Curtain of Green

IMG_2572May 5th brings another cross quarter Day…the midpoint between the spring Equinox when night equals day….and the summer solstice when day is its longest.

In my Georgia garden…May descends with a “curtain of green”….in the words of Eudora Welty.

Another southern writer…whose name I wish I could recall…wrote of verdant Mays in Georgia by saying…the world seems so full it can’t possibly contain it all.

I think of that every year….when the young trees we have planted put out their new year’s growth…and jostle each other for position.

Time to do a little judicious pruning to accommodate the future…a little refereeing.

But carefully…this is the National Wildlife Federation‘s “Garden for Wildlife” month.  There are a myriad of unseen small homes in this picture.



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