Spring 2015


Dear Newnan Neighbor…

On this the vernal equinox…let us listen to the bees.
IMG_1476 copycrop

I am grateful to see a few bees…visiting the Lenten Roses and other early bloomers in the garden.

Here at our house, we are concerned by changes we have noticed over the past several years.

In years past, our cherry trees and blueberries would be so full of pollinators in spring,  my husband and I could hear the communal hum when we stepped into the yard…and would comment on it when we did our spring pruning.  I’m not sure exactly when that stopped happening.  “Did you notice that too?”  we asked each other. So last year we made a point of watching for it…but in that regard, it was a silent spring.

Worldwide, there is great concern about what is happening to the bees. Near the top of every list of probable causes is the overuse of…

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