In Clover

On this Saint Patrick’s Day…..



…let us consider the mixed clover lawn.

Imperfect perhaps to those who would have lawns tidy and under their control.

But here’s the thing…

Clover is green nearly year round .

It is content to grow with moss and in the shade of trees.

It supports the bees…who are in peril.

It makes mowing optional.  Let it bloom for pollinators…or mow if you wish.

There’s no need to fertilize….it adds nitrogen to soil by using what’s in the air.

And in the heat of high summer it requires nothing from you…you can sip a cool drink in your lawn chair instead.


So on this holy day of Saint Patrick…sit in a swing…raise a toast to green clover…and to this good earth.

IMG_1777And wonder when the expensive, high maintenance, chemically dependent, monoculture lawn will green up next door.

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