On this Feast of the Epiphany…

Dream of the Magi capital carving attributed to Giselbertus

Ponder these three kings in their slumber.  Let your eye slip into the scene from the left on the tip of the angel’s wing.  Follow from wing to arm to fingertip where…as with a spark…the king on the right is ignited…his eyes pop open… and lo, the star…like the proverbial light bulb…blinks on overhead with the realization, “Beware man, that Herod’s up to no good.”

This story in stone, attributed to Giselbertus, resides on top of a column in  the Autun Cathedral in France.  French Romanesque in style, it was carved around 1130 AD.

This post dedicated to Glenn Esh…born on this day…wise man while on this earth…now following his star in the next kingdom.

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